Carving Pumpkins

It was a beautiful sunny day, but "warm" is not a word that you use to describe the weather today. He refuses to wear a stocking hat, hence I need to bundle him in a blanket to keep his little head warm.

Bei "helping me" out by putting all the inards back into the pumpkin

Bei surprised at all the fun stuff in the pumpkin!

Bei is recovering really well! Last night he had his first bath in two weeks! He was so exhausted tired that he didn't even mind that the water wasn't up to his neck, like he usually likes it. What was so cute about giving him a bath was that I noticed that he is getting a Buddha belly. The heart surgery is working its magic on him. I thought that his eating habits might change once his heart was fixed, because he wouldn't need all the calories, but he is still an eating machine. I am amazed at how much he eats. Yesterday, I had to cut him off because he wanted to eat three Honey Crisp apples! They are absolutely delicious, but I was worried that number three would put him over the edge and give him a tummy ache or worse (I won't spell it out for you).
Today, Bei and I spent the morning carving pumpkins. It was really fun. Being the Felix Unger that he is, he didn't want to touch anything inside of the pumpkin. He took the pumpkin inards and seeds, separated them into a zillion different tupperward containers and then would dump each one back into the pumpkin. He thought it was quite fun, I on the other hand, thought it was quite messy.
This afternoon we went to the library and I let Bei play over in the toddler area. There were several other mom's there with their kids and their kids names were Hensley, Huxely and Bruno (serious!). And I was inwardly rolling my eyes and thinking to myself, "doesn't anybody name their kid a normal name any more? Like...B...oops...I guess as a mother of a child named Bei, I need to keep my mind open and trap shut!

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