Slow Talking Sheriff from Fargo

Bei pretty much single-handly ate an entire box of fresh strawberrys

Friday we went to the pre-op appointment in the morning. Poor Bei! He see's the nurses and his little lip just starts to quiver, it breaks my heart. It was a very emotional appointment for all of us, but we made it through it. My sister Nanette and I were talking prior to the appointment and she observed the hardest part is giving up control of your child. At first I didn't know what she meant, but after the appointment, I understood exactly her meaning. I was fine when they did the blood draw even though Bei was screaming, and rightly so, because the guy was having some difficulty with it and he had to be poked twice. Now, it bothered me, however I could handle it because I was there to comfort him and hold him, as was Dan. But then he had to get a chest x-ray and they wanted to take him from me...uh oh...here is where the tears and that control thing came in for me. Tears rolled down my face and Dan gently reminded me of what our guide in China told us about having a Chinese face, so we don't upset Bei. Man, it is hard but he is right!!! It is so wonderful to have Dan there because he is such a great stabilizer. Yeah Dan! Anyway, all three of us took a nap today because I think we are all so emotionally exhausted. Bei's nap lasted 4 hours, he was a very tired little boy!

So onto more fun things, our friend Malcolm from Australia came for a 24 hour visit and we had a really nice time with him. It was a great diversion from thinking about the surgery.
A few blogs back, Stephanie Pomonis asked on the comments section how Bei was coming along with his Minnesota accent. I had to laugh because the kid is either going to end up sounding like the "Sheriff from the movie Fargo", which is the way my family in Chicago refers to me or he is going to be a "slow talker" like Dan's side. Now the reason I say this is because I am amazed at how much of a copy cat he is, but it makes sense, we are the people he is around all day. Recently, he told me a shirt that I wanted to put on him was "icky poo"...oops...that lovely language is from me...I guess I need to clean it up a bit...if he is frustrated because he is trying to figure out how a gadget works, he will say "Hmmmm....." with a questioning scandahoovian lilt at the end. Now, I never realized it until I heard him do it, but I do that ALL the time...For those of you who have talked to him on the phone, you know that he yells into the phone at top volume "mototycles, boot (his Canadian version of boat), I miss you, bye"...well you all know who that is...Dan! Bei is really into the "Butt Song" or you might recognize it as the "Bus song", we sing it 9 zillion times a day. I was singing the wipers part where they go "swish, swish, swish" and Dan said to me, "Could you sound anymore Minnesotan? You sound like Rose from the Golden Girls". Now, I think a more fair question is "Why does Dan know the character's names from the Golden Girls sitcom?
Peace! Keep praying for our little sweetie Bei!

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Beth said...

We want you to know we are thinking about all of you today. I love the picture of Bei with the strawberries!

Hugs from you Suzhou sister and the rest of the Johnson clan!