Bei's Post Op Visit

I knew Bei was feeling better by Tuesday night because he really wanted to spend alot of time with his Aunt Jeannine. Prior, it was always "Momma do it".
My sister Jeannine started to call Bei "Ham Bone". The picture speaks for itself.

"I thought I told you to get rid of that guy!"

This is such a cute picture of Bei. We were getting ready to leave for his post op appointment on Tuesday and my sister shot this picture. Where is my lipstick when I need it?

Bei is such a trooper of a kid, he gives himself his own medicine

On Tuesday, they did an EEG, EchoCardiogram and took an X-ray of Bei's chest and he is healing perfectly. There was no fluid in his chest and he only has to take the diruretic once a day. I lied about the bath, it isn't that he can't take a bath for 2 months they just don't want him soaking in a tub. He can take a bath this Friday. We think we are going to just sponge bath him, since he likes to have the water up to his neck. It is too hard to explain to a 2 year old why he can't have the water where he wants. All is well at our home. We feel very blessed!

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kate said...

Ham Bone is gonna give you a run for your money now... :)