Eating Habits

Bei clapping after Grandpa Builder Bob sang the "Itsy Bitsy Spider Song" with him.

Bei playing with his Green Bay dinosaur that has a very noisy and very loud 1970's disco song that we can't figure out what it is saying. Doesn't matter...Bei loves it!

Bei and I spent a rainy afternoon painting, his body was the canvas.

Bei got me in trouble with my mom the other morning...I was talking to her on the phone and she asked me what Bei was doing, and I answered, "he is doing what he always does, he is eating, he is eating his breakfast". She then proceeded to ask what he was eating for breakfast...oh no...it's a trap...but it is too late to back out now...So I answered honestly and said "Cheetos"...Okay, I instantly knew...how ridiculous it was for me to let Bei eat Cheetos for breakfast. But then I continued to dig a hole for myself by bragging about what a phenomenol kid Bei is, and he never has tantrums and I see other two year olds and they are kicking and screaming and I just don't get it...before I know it, my mom's right foot came through the receiver and hit the left temple of my head! She said "maybe their mom's are just saying no to them when they want to eat Cheetos for breakfast"....OUCH! Point taken, I get it! I get it! We laughed and I promised no more Cheetos for breakfast. He normally has a bowl of oatmeal or his other favorite is waffles, but the one time we are naughty we are caught by Grandma Sandy!!! Moral of the story: When being naughty, don't answer the phone or blame it on the two year old!!
Anybody who has spent any time with us, can attest to Bei's HUGE appetite...believe me the Cheetos were just an appetizer to the bowl of oatmeal that he ate later and the three hot dogs at lunch and the can of green beans, plus the animal crackers for a snack, etc, etc. I'm telling you that kid is an eating machine, he packs more food in one day than I could put away in three days. It will be interesting after his heart surgery to see if I have to put him on a diet.
I think I have mentioned he LOVES salt, which makes sense for the fact that he had the thyroid condition and it was due to a lack of iodine salt in China. It seems natural to me that your body craves the nutritional things that it needs to survive. The good news is that his thyroid numbers were good at his last check-up, and I think one of the side effects is that his hair is finally growing thicker, darker and is more shiny!! Not that it would matter to me, because I think he is absolutely beautiful right now! I'm just CRAZY in LOVE with my little guy!!!!

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Beth said...

Bei is too cute! Why is it that our mothers still catch us doing bad things? I had to laugh about the cheetos thing-teddy grahams were part of yesterday's breakfast at our house.

Matt, Beth, Rachael, Ryan, Jacob, and Princess Chloe