Stuck at Rainbow

He is one cute little dude!

I don't know if many of you remember the movie called "The Terminal", that starred Tom Hanks as an immigrant who couldn't leave the airport terminal because he didn't have the right paperwork. He has to make a life within the airport terminal in order to survive and eat, etc. Well, a similar thing almost happened to me, but it was at Rainbow Foods. I did my morning grocery shopping on Monday, went to the car, loaded the groceries, put Bei in his carseat and went to start the car, but there were no keys! Ugh! Okay, I had unlocked the car and I remember doing it with the FOB, so the keys have to be here right? I look at all the obvious places, diaper bag, remove Bei from the carseat 5 times, unload each bag, put the stuff back in. Collect all the garbage from the car to help look in the car, go into the store ask them if anyone has turned in keys. During all of this I'm having a mental image of having to live at Rainbow foods for the next few weeks, because there is no way on God's green earth that I would call Dan to tell him I lost the car keys and I'm stuck at Rainbow. I could mentally already hear the digust in his voice and there is no way I'm doing it. Maybe he won't notice that we are gone for a month?? Or maybe, I could call a tow truck and have them tow my car home and park it in the driveway and he won't notice that I haven't driven in the upcoming months, instead he'll praise me for all the money I'm saving on gas! Finally, I swallow my pride and call my girlfriend Sue, to ask her to come and pick us up, because obviously the keys are never to be found again.

Sue arrives ,and within 10 seconds locates the keys!!!! They WERE in the diaper bag, just not the pocket I normally put them in. I thought I would test my instincts to see what Dan would say when I told him what happened and sure enough he gave me the pathetic head shake and mumbled something about my organizational skills or lack thereof. After 19 years of marriage, I pretty much can read him like a book.

So, if you ever have wondered what a stay at home mom does all day, we play hide and go-seek with our car keys and dream up ways to hide our gaffs from our hubby.

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