Huckleberry and Curly Locks come to visit Bei

Oh my gosh...is she naked???

H2O was the theme of the day

Bei and Curly eating a smorgsbord at Lizzie's Country Buffet

Bei receiving his first tattoe

First of all let me start by admitting that I am still learning ALOT about parenting. For example, the tattoe picture was a "learning"moment for me. Huckleberry took off his socks and Bei saw that under each of one his toe's he had a smiley face. You are thinking right now "how cute", so did I, and Bei was thinking I want that! So, sure Huckleberry can tattoo your feet and toes...uh oh...it doesn't stop there...before I know it half of Bei's leg is green and he wants "more". Now the other 2 year old, Curly, starts coloring her legs...ugh! Try taking two color pens away from two, two year old...all I can say is "learning moment for mom"! We got through it and had a wonderful day with the kids.
I have to mention a funny incident with Huckleberry. He was playing down at the bottom of the driveway, but was on the road more than the driveway. We don't live on a busy street, but I just don't think it is the wisest place to play. So I asked him to please move up more towards the garage where I could keep track of him and the other two kids. He didn't move, I asked again and he didn't move again...hmmm....what to do...Oh, I know, I have seen other mothers do this "One...two...three..."okay, don't leave me hangin here kid"...thank goodness at "four" he got up and went and played by the garage. I'm not sure I understand what is so mystical about counting that kids react to it, I'm just glad that when Dan got home I wasn't on "one thousand nineteen...one thousand twenty....

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