Barbie Jeep...oops I mean "Man" Jeep

Bei is very neighborly, he always waves to the people going by our house. I would say about 2% of the people even see the little guy to wave back...but he doesn't care, he waves anyway. I call him Mr. Friendly!
Ted, maybe when you grow up and show some responsibility, I'll let you drive...oh yeah...and it would help if you could see over the windshield.

The smile that could not be wiped from Bei's Face!

Max, I'm ready to race you on your tractor!

Aunt Nanette and family dropped this fun "little" toy over at our house on Saturday! I mention "little" because sometimes I try to hide it from him, because he wants to ride it endlessly, but it is kind of hard to hide! The funny thing is that Dan gets teased at work about his Jeep Wrangler, some of the boys call it his "Barbie Jeep"...so now Bei is just like his dad! And it really is a Barbie Jeep...not for long though...Dan has the black spray paint ready to go!

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