Grandma Sandy and Bei together at last!

This past weekend was my mom's birthday party in the Chicago area and the second time that she met Bei! She is doing quite a bit better and hopes to start work part-time this week. Bei was in all his glory during the party since he was the center of attention. He was like the Pied Piper with all the cousins following his every move. Bei won't be able to cop the attitude when he is 16 that "we didn't love him enough"...that kid is not only loved by Dan and I, but lots and lots of extended family on both sides!

Bei is growing alot these days, he is starting to use his imagination more and more. When we read books, he pretends to eat the food on the pages and then wants me to have some and Teddy can have some, too. He also likes me to write his name on paper and to assist him in writing it. The other thing that is kind of interesting is that he has picked up the difference between the words "two" and "too". I bought a second blankee for him that looks just like the first one and he was so proud that he had "two" blankee's. And he has "two" balls, (the kind that you throw), but he will say to me "you eat too" or "you take a bath too". Okay, maybe I'm making something out of nothing, but the kid is a genius to me! Last thing about Bei, we stayed at a hotel this weekend and went in the pool and the kid wanted to be dunked under!! We taught him how to close his eyes, plug his nose and close his mouth and under we went. Dan said that he knows for sure now that I'm crazy in love with Bei, because there were never enough horses on the face of the earth that could ever get me to get my hair wet publically, but under the water I went for my sweetheart of a little boy, Bei.

I would like to take a moment to mention that we received some very tragic news on Friday; a dear friend of ours past away, somewhat unexpectedly, on Wednesday, September 16, his name was Chad. His wife, Colleen, was my College roommate, in our wedding and they were our annual Packer buddies. We are just heartbroken over Chad's death, he truly was one of the greatest people you ever would meet!! Please remember Colleen and her three daughters in your prayers.

Also, please pray for little Elizabeth, remember her? She came to visit Bei this summer and we went to the Zoo and the beach. She is having a complicated knee/leg surgery this Thursday and I know her mom, Teri would appreciate all prayers! She is a sweetie!! Good luck Elizabeth, I know you follow the blog!!! Next time you come for a visit, I'll get the video camera out so that we can get you and Bei in a clip on the blog!

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