The Little General!

Bei's Referral Picture

The morning of January 18, 2008 turned out to be a fateful day for us. I decided to call my counselor at the adoption agency and what she told me changed my life forever. She told me that they were trying something new and they they had posted pictures and a brief biography of the "Waiting Children with Special Needs". Click...did I even say good-bye to her?? I had to get on that website and see the children. There were twelve children, mostly boys, eleven to be exact and Bei was the third one across the top. I had always thought I was going to adopt a little girl, it was China, weren't all the children in the orphanage girls? Nope, I guess not. So, I reviewed the children and the only little one that I considered was the "little marching general". Not that the other children were not worthy or not as adorable as Bei, but I looked at the "Special Needs" and his medical condition was what we as a couple had decided we could handle. I spent alot of time that day looking at his picture and asking him, "Are you suppose to be my son?" I really believe in letting go and letting life happen, so I was comfortable with our choice. You are probably wondering where Dan is during all of this? He was in California at a conference. I called him and told him to look at the website, check it out and let me know. He immediately gave me the thumbs up! Dan came home that night, we filled out the application together, submitted it the next day and the following day we found out that we received the referral!!!
It all seemed so surreal, a phone call, an application, the referral, the trip to China, it all happened so fast and so unexpectedly!! It still feels like something larger than overselves had a huge hand in it and we are grateful and feel extremely blessed.
So all that wonderful stuff happened to get Bei to us and it feels larger than life, but then we get the most good natured child, who is the most loving and loveable child and fits our lives perfectly. Dan and I keep saying that we could not have procreated a child ourselves that is a better fit to us than Bei! He truly was meant to be our son!!!

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