Update on Grandma Sandy

This captures the essence of Max, he was having the best time! Bei was hanging on for dear life!
Max giving Bei a ride on his tractor

It gets pretty dirty, especially when you touch your nose with the chalk

I spent an afternoon playing with chalk.

Bei playing with his little buddy Cohen
First of all I wanted to thank everyone who kept my mom in their thoughts and prayers. She is doing much better and seems to be on the road to recovery. She has spent the past month or so, at my sisters Jeannine (who is a Registered Nurse) recovering and she is finally ready to try it on her own and go to her own home. Quite honestly, I don't think they have a confirmed diagnosis for my mom. She just was one sick lady. Special thanks to my siblings who understood my circumstance with Bei and rallied around my mom and helped my sister when she needed a respite from it all. They did it all with grace and happiness and never made me feel guilty. I have a great family, therefore Bei has a great family!!!
There is one fierce thunderstorm going on as I type this and I'm ready to jump out of my skin at every thunder boomer...Where is Bei you may ask? Fast asleep!!! I've been trying to tell ya'll he truly is perfect!!!

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