Cousins and suckers...two of Bei's most favorite things!

Bei opening gifts

Is it over yet???

Bei with his Godparents and Father Andrew

Bei wore his Chinese outfit for his Baptism in celebration of his heritage

Bei and Elizabeth having a snack at the beach

Elizabeth and Bei blowing bubbles in the wagon

We've had two weeks of guests; Nick and Company came to the cabin, followed by Mark and Company and then my childhood girlfriend, Teri came with her daughter Elizabeth to our house and then back up to the cabin where my sisters and our friends John and Leslie came for the baptism. I'm TIRED!!! Okay, I was tired earlier in the week, but now I'm starting to feel normal again.

Let me just tell you that something has gone awry since I've adopted Bei. When Teri came on Tuesday, I had spent the morning running to Walgreen's (because Bei is obsessed with Bubbles) and then onto Rainbow for my hour long shopping spree. I didn't have time to shower and my hair honestly looked like I put my finger in a light socket and then I'm having trouble with my left contact, so the glasses were on. Teri walked in and she wasn't here but 1 minute and she said, "Liz, did you know your shirt is on inside out"? NOT AGAIN!!! UGH!! (Remember I was at Walgreen's and Rainbow with a huge tag on my back...) This is some bad Karma coming back to haunt me! I never understood why mom's couldn't keep themselves together and look presentable at all times. Because I knew back then, prior to having Bei, that it couldn't be that hard to get ready in the morning with a child. I can hear my sisters snickering right now... Pay back is unkind...this wearing my clothes inside out and upside down is not working for me!
By the way, Teri and I had a great visit, Bei and Elizabeth got along perfectly. We spent one day at the beach and another one at the zoo. Bei took his first carnival ride at the zoo, he wasn't too crazy for it.
The baptism was really nice. It was an outdoor service at 8:30 in the morning and it still got really hot! Dan spent the service stealing Bei's blank and wiping the sweat from his forehead (we washed the blankee when we got home). I think Bei was like get your own blankee man! Dan's mom had a really nice brunch afterwards where Bei got to open lots of really cool presents! As I've mentioned before, he doesn't like TV or Video's, however he received Veggie Tales and he absolutely loves it. We spent all afternoon today dancing to Veggie Tales. They are really cute songs!

Lastly, I have to mention we saw another black bear! My sister Jeannine spotted him in the WATER!!! It was so exciting, here was the cutest little bear swimming from the mainland to one of the islands. He looked like a little stuffed animal bobbing up and down in the water. I was amazed at how quickly he could swim. We followed him in the boat. We were so disappointed because not one of us had a camera on us. We all used our cell phones to capture pictures, but I don't know how to upload my pictures.

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