Bei is a frog

At the beach with Lily and her mom Kim
I'm a frog and I'm cute!

See my frog eye's?

We are heading up north for a week, so I thought I better post some pictures. Last week when we were at the cabin, there was a black bear in our yard! Yikes! I had carried Bei up the steps from the lake and Dan followed me shortly afterwards and said did you see the bear? No! So I looked and it was way too close for my comfort. Basically, we had walked right by it and didn't see it.
This morning Bei and I were eating breakfast and I was laughing because there are a few things that Bei will learn about me. As most people know this about me, I do everything fast, I walk fast and I eat fast. The eating thing is something that I'm going to have to slow down and figure out. I pulled Bei's little table in the kitchen and made waffles for him. I thought he was done with them because he ate some and then left the table. Of course I did what most mom's do, I ate the rest of what was on his plate. Lo and behold, he comes back and looks for his food and says "more"? Oops, your scavenger mom ate the rest of it and there are "no more". Sorry, little guy, you can lick the plate if you want, I wont' tell. I feel bad but realize that I do that to him all the time. He is either doing the 56 chew count or he is part squirrel. So note to self, slow down and when you think Bei is done eating he is not!

Here is another interesting thing about Bei. Dan has hypnotized him into watching baseball! This is a little boy that turns the TV off the minute I turn it on. He won't watch Barney, he won't watch the cartoons in the morning and he definitely won't watch Dr. Phil. So I figure Dan is either drugging him or has promised him something big. But if baseball is on he will sit and watch it and say "Watch" and point to the screen. When the ball is struck he says "oooooooo" and if they drop the ball he says "ooooohh". He loves it! And so does his dad!

Have a great weekend!

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