Saving the world...one turtle at a time...

We spent alot of time frog hunting!

Kelly spent hours pushing Bei around the yard, while Gina was the pitt crew. Gina would try to be the pusher/driver, but Bei always wanted Kelly. Finally on the last day he gave Gina her opportunity to be driver! Yeah Gina!

The race crew, Kelly Driver, Bei Rider and Gina Pitt Crew

Bei's new hip hop look with his "chick"entourage

Bei has an artistic side, he enjoys ceramic painting! Yep, that is a big monster truck, it turned out wonderful and he did it all himself!

My brother Nick and his family came up to the cabin for a week. Bei really enjoyed the girls, we spent alot of time frog hunting, Nick's girls are absolutely crazy over frogs and turtles. Let me explain how "reptile" nutty this family is; we were having a peaceful drive on a quiet country road, when a turtle was spied in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, I'm minding my own business enjoying the scenery when the next thing I know, my face is plaster on the back of my sister in laws head! She slammed on the brakes, the kids without hesitation jumped out the car, ran down the road and "saved" the poor turtle by helping him cross the road. This seemed like a fire drill or something that they practiced readily. Nothing needed to be said, mom knew her job, to slam my neck in a unearthly position, girls jump single file from the vehicle and run quickly down the road. From my vantage point the turtle was doing fine on his own and probably wondered what the heck just happened to him...kind of like me! Seriously, Bei loved catching the frogs and they didn't bring the turtle to him because it had leaches on it's back and they thought it would scare him. They are good girls!
Dan's brother Mark and his family pulled their camper over to our cabin after my brother left and finished off the weekend with us. My next blog will include pictures of their family. It was great week, but Bei and I were both exhausted!

"Hey Bei, look at my new groovy hat!"

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Stephanie Pomonis said...

I am so glad that all is going well w/BeiBei. He seems to be settling into his Minnesota lifestyle quite well. But the real question is, how his is Minnesota accent coming along?