Cousin Time

Dan and Bei reflecting on life

Bei showing the kids his motorcycle

Bei's not quite sure if he wants the hunting cap on him yet

Bei took a picture of Morgan!
Mark and his family pulled their camper over on Friday. We had a really nice time with them. Morgan helped me give Bei a bath and asked me alot of questions. "Do you always feed Bei in the bathtub?" Sometimes...but don't tell Grandma Dene... "Does Bei like his bathwater freezing cold?" Oops, my hand was freezing when it went into the tub, so it made the water feel warmer than what it was...sorry Bei. He loves water, so it probably doesn't matter how cold it is. It was nice to get to spend time with Mark's kids. Blake is a fishing fool, he loves to fish!! Both the kids caught enough fish that on Sunday we had a fish fry! And Morgan loved doting on Bei. Fun was had by all!

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