Beautiful Weekend

We had a busy weekend. We decided to stay home and have Dan finish the landscaping work that needed to be done. Saturday my friend, Leah who is Chinese and living in Shanghai stopped by to meet Bei. She spoke to him in Mandarin, but unfortunately he wasn't talking back. He still seems to be talking in Chinese or I call it Flintstone talk, because he seems to say something that sounds like yabba dabba doo but I don't think he has even seen Fred in action.

Being a mom has definitely changed me; the other day I went to the park with Bei and I realized I had my clothes on inside out!!; It was only my top, but still very unlike the former me!! I quickly changed at the park and luckily didn't get arrested for indecent exposure. Then Saturday afternoon we went to visit some friends of ours that have an inground swimming pool. Anyway, after driving for about 15 minutes, Dan asked me if I just saw something fly off the car and what was it? I answered no and thought if it is not one of the tires or the steering wheel, there is no way I would be able to identify any object of the car, I'm car ignorant and want to stay that way. After visiting with our friends, we got home and Dan reached for the garage opener, but it wasn't there...Uh oh...light bulb moment, I CAN identify what flew off the car after all...Earlier in the day, Bei had gotten a hold of the garage door opener (don't ask how) and I tucked it in the windshield by the wipers...ooops! Dan told me it will be a cold winter without the garage door opener, but I know he won't his little guy freeze in the car because his mom does stupid things.
Today we went to Church, Bei was a champ the entire time. Then we went to the Beach for a few hours. It is the best way to tire him out and he sleeps like a log after that. After seeing how Bei and I spend our days at the local beach, Dan says I live the life of luxury. I can't disagree, it is fun!!

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