Hurray! They have a diagnosis for Grandma Sandy!

I'm doing a happy jig after hearing they found the cause of my mom's declining condition!

Bei loves being in control of the hose

Yep, Grandpa these are the pistons right here...

Yeah! More Cousins!

Bei called Doe Doe to wish her Happy Birthday!
She turned 2 on July 15th!

Today we received some good news from my mom's doctors; they have diagnosed her with a rare virus that they seldom check people for, it was called Supercalafragilisticexpeoldosis or something like that. Obviously, something that I didn't understand. Anyway, the good news is that they will be able to start treating the virus and they said that she should start to actually recover. Yeah!!! They are transferring her to the University of Chicago where there is a world reknown GI specialist. She was and will continue to be in good hands! So thank you for all the prayers! She isn't out of the woods yet, so if people could continue to remember her I would appreciate it.

It did my heart and soul good to spend time with my mom this weekend. I think when you become a parent, it gives you a new appreciation for your own parents and plus, I'm just a mama's girl. I really needed to see my mom. Anyway, we all went to the hospital together, and Bei enjoyed his time with Grandma Sandy. He probably thought this woman looks familiar, kind of like my maMA. Bei and Dan left after an hour and headed up to Northern Illinois to visit my brother Nick and meet some more adoring fans...I mean cousins. Dan said Bei loved the attention of the girls and he was exhausted when they came back to meet me. It was a quick trip, but Bei did really well and I was a happy camper because I was able to spend some time with my mom, yet see Dan and Bei at night.

My dad called me on Sunday to say that he would be in the cities on Monday to meet Bei! Yeah! Finally Bei met a fellow motorhead, he was real proud to show Grandpa Jim his Big Wheel with all the noises that it makes. He just didn't know that Grandpa Jim is the best noise maker in the world...he can make noises that sounds like a tank is coming through your living room wall. So Bei loved it when Grandpa mimic'ed the Big Wheel sounds perfectly.

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