Huckleberry Finn visits Bei

You thought I was kidding about ole Huck...lucky for us Huck lives next door. He is quite the character as you can see in the pictures. He adds alot of amusement to our home when he visits. He is a little mischievous in the best sense of the word. I'll answer the door and ask him, "Huckleberry, did you ask your mom if you can come over to play?" and he'll say real slowly "yes, but she said no." Right-o little buddy, then you need to turn your cute little self around and go home. Sometimes, he lies and says his mom said yes when she didn't and then I hear her yelling for him. By the way, you probably are wondering what wonderful event ole Huck went to that he is all dressed up (note the cuffed pant legs and barefeet), the answer is he went visiting his good little buddy Bei. He told me that he was dressing like a Manager today. Good for you, Managers are totally underrepresented in the dress up make believe world! As you can see in the pictures Bei doesn't know what to think of this funny kid who adores him. But he sure loves the attention and they play really well together. Huck is teaching Bei how to share and that he doesn't always gets what he wants. Huck doesn't mind pushing Bei's button's every now and then and I figure since Bei doesn't have siblings, it probably does him some good. We enjoy having him visit us and by the way, he really isn't Huckleberry Finn, but his name is Charlie. He is a great little kid.
On a different note, tomorrow we leave for Chicago to visit my mom. Her body is playing hardball with her and isn't healing as quickly as anybody would like (especially her!), so we decided a good dose of Bei might do her body and soul some good. So all your prayer people, please pray harder, we need Grandma Sandy feeling well, so Bei can hear her hearty laugh when he is doing his little performances that we find so cute.

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