Motherhood is very humbling

I just laugh because my entire attitude on parenting has changed, it really did look alot easier on the outside.Friday night after everyone had left the cabin, I gave Bei his bath. As I've mentioned before on the post, Dan usually is the bath person. I was kind of gloating to myself about how wise I was because I was killing two birds with one stone; Dan usually gives Bei his bath and then he has a little snack afterwards right before bed time. Well, instead, I thought I have Bei's undivided attention, why not feed him mashed potatoes while I have him in the tub and then I can skip the snack time. He gobbled up the mashed potatoes, an entire bowl!!! Unfortunately, this is what happened next; I'm watching Bei lay face down in the water, kicking his feet and a few bubbles appear and I was thinking how cute...oh, wait..."Bei, do you have to go poo....oh crap!!! " Yep, he pooped in the tub again and it was on my watch! What a mess! I guess I wasn't as clever as I thought, I better quit gloating!! Lesson learned; No mashed potatoes in the bathtub!

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