Bei is growing!!

The first pair of pants that Bei grew out of
Bei catches his first frog and is so proud!

Hucklebutt...I mean Huckleberry and Bei are playing in the back yard.

Bei invited Huck into his crib

Huckleberry and Bei playing with the Elephant soaker

Max is heading for the stair-rails "Hey, that looks like a good place to stick my head"!

The "Asian Sensation" breaks down the middle of the court and slam dunks the ball...the crowd is stunned

We had a really fun week, Bei and I went to the Aquarium at the Mall of America, spent a morning with Huck and his mom at the Science Museum, and had a play date with Lily and her mom at the beach. Another day, Huck and his little brother joined us for a morning of play, but unfortunately it was a short lived visit for Max. I heard Max say, "hey, I can fit my head in the railing"! Before I could say anything the realization came to Max that it wouldn't be so easy to get his ole noggin out! Uh oh! The first time that this happened in our house was 13 years ago with my nephew, Luke, my natural instinct was to run and get the butter and start putting it behind the kid's ears. Fortunately my brother in law is alot smarter than me and he showed me the larger space in the railing to get the poor little guy's head out. I used the same method to get Max unstuck. Now, I wonder why do only boys do this??? I have a gizzillion nieces and never once have any one of them put their heads in the railing. I'll have to keep my eye on Bei...
Bei is growing by leaps and bounds and just this week I've noticed his vocabulary growing. I'm going to re-shoot the jean picture that I took of Bei's pants and put them next to mine or Dan's to get a better perspective of how tiny they are. Plus, I'll measure the in-seam. I put them on him this week and they are up to his ankles.
I'm amazed not by how much Dan and I love Bei, but by how much he seems to love us and accept us. He really was meant to be our son in every way. It is the most natural fit and if I could have hand-crafted a child for Dan and I, it would be Bei to a T. Yet, I don't think I would have been able to think of all the wonderful ways in which Bei touches us. He is just the most perfect little person for us. I'm still utterly amazed at our blessing and feel God's hand in all of it.
My mom Sandy is out of the hospital and is recovering at my sisters Jeannine. Thank you again for all your prayers and please continue to pray for her health.

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