And They Lived Happily Ever After...The End!

Kai Kai Sweetie Pie has emerged out of his cocoon a beautiful butterfly!

Bei continues to be joyful, fun and loving!

Well my friends and family I think it is that time that I call it "a wrap" and end the blog.   It will be two years in April since we adopted Kai, so now is a good time for me to end it.  Kai and Bei are both in such a good place, each growing and becoming the person that God meant for them to be. 

 I can't express to you how much fun it has been to write the blog. It brought alot of enjoyment to me.   As a writer I knew that I needed to find my voice.  How was I going to tell stories, what was going to be my theme, that type of thing.   My two influences were Erma Bombeck, who I think of as a mom who saw life events with her children in a humorous light hearted way and  the Seinfeld show which portrayed the humorous side of every day living.  Believe me, I am not comparing myself to either one of those people, but I sure like the silly side of each and wanted the blog to be light and fun.   I hope I succeeded every now and then in my blog posts to put a smile on your face.

I want to thank everyone who followed our journey over the course of the last 4 years. The people who commented on the blog have a special place in my heart.   Thank You!   To the 9 followers listed on the bottom of this page...thank you thank you thank you!   The people that I don't know who follow my blog...thank you.   It is humbling to know that people that don't know me at all would take time out of their day/week/month to read my blog.  So Thank You!   To my friends that have followed me...I am fortunate because I have the most wonderful friends in the world, thank you all so much!    I want to thank both Dan's and my family and this means the extended family too - All of you people have been the most amazing support to our family!  The prayers, the encouragement, the kind words the unconditional love for our boys...we are grateful that we belong to these two families.   We are blessed!

Peace Out and God Bless!


Jamie said...

Will miss reading your updates Liz! Take care.... Jamie

Liz said...

Thank you Jamie for being a faithful follower for the past 4 years. I miss all of you! Liz

Jeannine said...

I feel really sad because when I was having a bad day I would go to your blog and my day would brighten immediately. Again, THANK you for sharing your wonderful parenting style with so many. You are a talented parent and writer. Your ability to describe life's funny events is second to none. I look forward to your next adventure and grateful I get to be a part of it:)
Liz you should be so proud of what you have accomplished with your family. Because of who you are the boys are developing into who they are suppose to be. You allow your children to experience life in a way I did not allow my young children to do so. I SOOOOO admire that in you! Love you tons and tons...Jeannine

kate said...

I ditto everything Jeannine said!
What an adventure you are in!
I will truly miss your blog. It was a way to stay connected to you all. I will have to be better at doing the face to face connecting now, and that's a good thing!
Thanks for sharing the journey so far with us here. There's sooo much more to come. How exciting!
God Bless...
Love and Hugz to you all!

kate said...

oh, and it's Kathy posting as kate if you didn' already know that... :-)

Liz said...


Thank you so much for all of your support through both adoptions. I think of you as my go-to when I am having those parenting dilemma's I call you for your sound advice. Your story is written and you have done a beautiful job with your kids. They are wonderful. Love you my dear sister! Liz

Liz said...

Thanks Kathy for all your support. I LOVE our chats! Let's try to get together soon! Liz

nina said...

I am so going to miss the blog. You so made me smile so many times with your funny stories. It was like a little sneak peak into your lives so far away. I do understand how busy you are. I am so glad both of those boys are doing well. All four of you have a special place in my heart. Please keep in touch! Love you guys!! Anita

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