Communication and Braces

 How does a 3 year old communicate when he has no language?   Pulling, pushing, grabbing work really well for Kai Kai Sweetie Pie.  (Kai's hearing aid is broken again...ARGHH!!)

Kai is pushing Bei where he wants him to be and obviously he thinks it is a game.  Bei's is so kind to him and usually will go where ever Kai wants him to.   Kai has been randomly going up to Bei and hugging him and trying to kiss him.   Bei doesn't mind the hugging part but the kissing part he is not too fond of. 

 The dramatic pose!!

The running like a gazelle!
The sheer fun of an early spring!

Enough with the braces already!!

I know I am going a little overboard on the picture of the braces but I have to share what an incredible difference they are making for Kai!   The thing that I noticed most recently was that he doesn't curl his toes underneath his foot for stablity when he doesn't have them on.  That is huge!!!   It hurt me to see him walk with his toes curled underneath his feet and then his ankles bending every which way.   Eventually he was going to hurt himself.   The braces are doing more for him than I expected and the results are happening sooner than I thought.  The other good part is that he falls far less than when he doesn't wear them.  But the best part is he LOVES to wear them.   The negative is that he wants to be the one that puts them on and then threads the velcro through the metal strap.   And he doesn't want any help from anybody with a steady hand...oh no!  So I am very patient with him and he gets to thread the braces because in all reality it is one of the best therapies for him.     

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