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 This morning play time with Sweetie Pie

 Everything we do has a therapeutic twist to it while still being fun


A little bit over a month ago I was anxiety ridden with the thought of Kai Kai Sweetie Pie going to school at Northern Voices.   My inner fear was that he would be expelled...suspended the first week of attending.   I wondered if they would be able to handle Sweetie Pie.   What would they do if he passes out?  Would they call me and say "We're done, come pick him up."  It is a frightening thing to witness if you are not use to it.  Sometimes he likes to take a bottle mid-morning and just cuddle...something that I neglect to tell alot of the "educators and professionals" in my life because they frown on the little man still having a bottle.   Would they be willing to give him a bottle and cuddle him if needed?  Or what if he started one of his inconsolable cries?  Would they be willing to turn on music and hold him on their shoulder to soothe him until I got there?   I should not have worried one bit because the teachers at Kai's school are phenomenal people .   Kai has not passed out, nor needed a bottle or cried inconsolable.   Instead he has grown and developed into a happy babbling little 3 year old boy.    He walks around now and says "mom, mom, mom, mom".    Now he isn't associating me with the word but at this point it doesn't matter. It really is his first word!  God is Good!  His only consonant is the MMM sound.    In order for Kai to get a popsicle from our freezer he has to vocalize the word "open" to me.   It doesn't sound like open but he does understand that it is two syllables.  Every Tuesday I go with Kai to school for a parent/child class where the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) teacher teaches me the methodology how to teach Kai to speak and to listen.   This past week, I wept as she had Kai demonstrate all that he has learned...I am amazed....I see a bright future for Kai.    It is so incredible to be at that school and hear profoundly deaf children speaking!   Not only speaking but speaking well!   

I put another picture of the braces on the blog because I wanted to tell you how wonderful they are for Kai.   The braces provide so much needed stability for him.  Kai was doing an incredible amount of contortions with his body to stay upright.  Everything from curling his toes all the way under his feet to using his neck muscles to help balance his upper body.   The brace does the work now so Kai doesn't have to.  I am increasing the amount of time that Kai is wearing them and the good thing is I think he likes them. 

Lastly, an update on my Bei Bei Honey Bunch.   He began full day Kindergarten on February 6th and he is doing super.   Besides his teacher telling me how much Bei has come out of his shell since going full day, other mom's that volunteer in the classroom have talked about the difference they have seen in him.   I think it is real boost to his self-confidence.  Bei is also learning to be a really wonderful big brother to Kai.  The two of them are engaging in play together on a daily basis.   I feel so fortunate to be a part of both those little boys life.   Lucky Me!!!

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Becky said...

Wonderful updates Liz, couldn't be happier to hear all of the good news! I'm glad too his first words were "mom" : )