The Connexin26 Connection

 Joyful, Happy Bei Bei!

 Sweetie Pie enjoying the 70 degree weather!

The protective older brother

 Playing together

Boys will be boys

Doesn't Connexin26 sound like a great hair product?   Leave in hair for 20 minutes and your hair is thicker, healthier and shinier.   Instead Connexin 26 is the gene that caused Kai Kai Sweetie Pie's hearing loss.   The limited information that I know about this gene is that it is a recessive gene and both parents have to have this gene in order for their child to be deaf.  Kai's birth parents probably did not know he was going to be hearing impaired.  The only way Kai can pass his hearing loss on is if he marries a person with this recessive gene also.    I was told that a protein is lacking and therefore the cochlear doesn't work.  The good news is that the gene is not associated with any syndromes and most people's hearing remains stable.   I am grateful that we know the reason why Kai is hearing impaired...knowledge is power!

 When we adopted Kai in 2010, I have to admit that I was extremely concerned about how Bei was going to handle not having my undivided attention.   Bei had been the center of my universe for 2 straight years and it had to be wonderful being the rock star!  So,  I just can't say enough about how gracious Bei has been about Kai and all his special needs and those needs taking me away from him to help Kai.  Alot of adults could learn from this little boy about "manning up" and handling situations that do not turn out as planned.    Bei has really been the unsung hero in many ways these past two years.   Let me just tell you he is such a joyful, kind, loving boy with a huge heart and huge capacity to love.   Yes, I am his biased mother but it really is true.   Month to month Kai's development level just progresses and he is finally at the point where he is more consistently giving back to Bei.  He is becoming his play partner, his friend.    Today Bei and Kai played on the stairs choo choo ( I still spot Kai in case he falls), up and down the steps they went.   Later on they danced together and Kai randomly would go up and hug Bei and try to kiss him.   Bei told me that he isn't going to miss his friends at school when he is home now because Kai is his friend.   As happy as I am for Kai's development, I am even more happy for my unsung hero Bei Bei Honey Bunch!

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Jeannine said...

The pictures of the boys are amazing. Bei is growing up so quickly as is Kai. I can hardly believe Kai is the same child that you brought up to Nanette's cabin once you returned from China. He couldn't sit up or even hold up his head. LOOK at HIM now!!! Truly a credit to the Krueger Team for providing not only LOVE but advocating for his development needs. AMAZING......