The Amazing Race

 Are you wondering what Bei and Nanette are so excited about???

His volcano erupted!

My life is feeling like I am participating in the Amazing Race on a daily basis. Here is my schedule on Monday's and Wednesday's. Get up at 6:00 a.m. get myself ready, get the boys up, feed them their hashbrowns and eggs, dressed and out the door by 7:50 a.m. Making sure that both boys have their backpacks filled with everything they need. For Kai that is an extra change of clothes and winter clothes to go outside, hearing aids in, epilepsy medicine taken and a bottle for after class.   Bei it is a lunch and winter clothes. Race to Roseville which is approximately 30 minutes to make Kai's 8:30 class. We then race back to Stillwater to make it by 9:00 for Bei's school. I haven't it made it on time yet, so Bei is racking up the tardy's which Bei's teacher spoke to me about.    This past Monday, as I was pulling into Bei's school parking lot, I yelled for him to unbuckle, get his back pack and get ready to jump out of the car as soon as we stopped. It was 9:00 on the dot, we raced up the backstairs and I shoved Bei into the class room where I met the teacher face to face, it is now 9:01 a.m. With excited anticipation, I asked , "did we make it?" "No, you are the last team in, you are eliminated from the race". Dang!!! Off to the office again for a late slip. I laugh because the office ladies always demand to know the reason why and no matter what I tell them they write the same thing "Ride Late". Duh!!! I suppose they could write "irresponsible mom" but they are being kind. Then I run home and clean the house and I am headed back to Roseville at 11:20 with a stop at Burger King because I know Kai will be starving. Then we race back to Stillwater to pick up Bei from his lunch period.

Tuesday is the opposite. We go to Bei's school first and then race to Roseville to make the parent/child class held from 9:30 - 10:30. From there we race back to Stillwater to make Kai's 11:00 speech therapy at Courage Center. We then race over to the school to pick up Bei by 12:00. 

 The good thing about being an older mom is that I know that everything with these kids is such a short moment in time.     Oh...but one thing that may help is that I am enrolling Bei into full day Kindergarten in February.

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Cheri said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Like, you, I've followed your blog, but never commented. You have an amazing family and I love reading your stories. Thanks for sharing a little of your life.