A New Day is Dawning

This little boy is changing this momma from a Type C- personality to Type A! 

I am breathing again.   Kai started school at Northern Voices last week and it went really well!   He absolutely loved it.   Today, we went for our parent/child day, where they teach me the curriculum, so that I can reinforce at home what he learns at school.   During the session I swore he said "car" and possibly "open".   Hooray for Kai Kai Sweetie Pie!!!  Okay, none of you would recognize it for a word but this little boy has gone from being totally non-verbal to babbling.   Alot of it has to do with him wearing his hearing aids for longer periods of time.  All that babbling just makes this momma's heart warm to the core.   The day I dropped Kai off at his school I was a little weepy but for a totally different reason than I was with Bei.   Kai I cried because I am so hopeful for his future now.   I am so grateful that N@rthern Voices took Kai since they are a private school they could have denied him.   There are other children with special needs at NV, but I've been told there is only one little boy who has more medical challenges than Kai.   I met that little boy today and oh my word, I can't wait for the time that Kai can converse with me like this little one did.  

We also received some really positive news from Kai's geneticist.   Last Friday he had a CT scan done to look at his ears and also an MRI to look at his brain.   From the beginning we have been told that Kai probably has a malformation of his cerebellum and that is why he walks around like a drunken little sailor (Ataxia).   Instead, Kai's brain is structurally fine!   There is no abnormality to his brain!!!   Ironically, the fact that his brain is not malformed means that we know less than we did before about the Ataxia and the epilepsy.  We don't know why he has Ataxia at this point, but the geneticist said there are more test that we can do.    However, it is a hopeful story that he can just continue to progress.  My little worker has already come so far!    Additionally we were told that his ear show no structural abnormalities either.   

This little guy is doing great also!  He had a very special weekend with his cousin Ben.

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