Life Happening

 My friend Leah and her daughter Zoe are visiting from China.   Leah and I spent several days together and it was like a cultural feast for me.   One day we exclusively talked about China's adoptions, Chinese people views on them, the special needs kids, etc.   She was even so kind to read some of my adoption documents like the boys finding ads.   I really enjoy my time with Leah, she is such a happy and upbeat person.   Her daughter Zoe is one month younger than Kai.  She is really a sweetheart.

 Kai took a hankering to Leah as you can see him trying to kiss her.  He would not leave her alone so I finally had to pry him off of her.

I would like to say that I spontaneously took Bei's picture, but this is the pose that I got when I asked him to sit up straight so I could take his picture.   Geez, some peoples kids!   Anyway, Bei got his face painted at our first rock concert - GB Leighton.   He is a local guy that is really good and happen to be playing at a mall plaza that we were shopping at.

Bei recently had some of his buddy's over for a little Wii time.  Brian is at the far left and Big Kyle is in the middle.  

Bei's beloved Elly came for a visit too!   Elly and Julie brought a HUGE bear that the boys absolutely LOVE!   You can see the bear's paw.

Kai liked hanging with the big kids too!

Jeannine - to answer your question in the last post comments, my new camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T1i.   My only regret is that I didn't buy a camera like this sooner!   Secondly, thanks for the compliment on the photo.   I would like to take credit, but I am pretty sure it is the camera.   If you have time, go check out the other contestants in the photo contest.  There is one that stands out for me as the winner.  Just click the Ordinary 8 button in my blog and it will take you to Nancy's blog.  You will have to scroll down to the blog that is titled Picture perfect for July.  Tell me which one you think should win after you check them all out.  Love you lots - Liz


Jeannine said...

Well Bubble Boy is fantastic but number 1 Nicole is gorgeous. I wanted to look at number 11 Kate but had trouble getting to the site. Unless there is another way to look at the photo enlarged besides going to the original site you might want to put the Bubble Boy photo at the top of your blog until the voting is completed. I vote for Bubble Boy because I love him and his mother. Good to see Bei doesn't have problems making friends.

Maddys Mom said...

I am very behind on my blog reading. Love all the photos, great new camera. What a gift to have Leah visit & to be able to talk w/her about various cultural things.

We will be praying for Sweet Kai as he adjusts to his new aids. I think Zeke may have some compromised hearing too, maybe not to the same extent but I think based on some his prononciation of words this may be the case.