Can You Hear Me Now?

Kai Kai Sweetie Pie would have to answer "No, but I will soon!"   On Friday Kai had a sedated hearing test conducted and we were told that Kai is severe to profoundly deaf.   I will be perfectly honest, I was shocked!    Several days leading up to the test I was thinking it was going to be a waste of time.  What I realize now is that little rascal is so smart that he learned to read my body language and read my que's when I would say let's take a bath, get a diaper, etc.   Even today, there are moments that I wonder if they mixed up his results with another kid, but they didn't and he isn't hearing.   Next steps are to get Kai Kai Sweetie Pie set up with hearing aids. 

Bottom line is we look at this as a beginning for him.   His speech is at a 5 month old level and he is 2 years old.   He deserves to be able to hear and to communicate.   The more I think about it, the more excited I am for him.   Kai is such a curious kid with an adventurous heart that I can't wait til I hear what he has to say about it all!   I just LOVE that little boy so much!

And I would LOVE to hear from any of you who know anything about the hearing impaired world.   Success stories, resources, books, organizations, etc.  Here is my email if you don't or can't write in the comment danlizk@comcast.net   Also, I ask that you keep Kai in your prays that he has an easy transition to the hearing aids. 

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