Cabin Fun!

My mom came from Chicago to spend the week with us at the cabin!   It was wonderful having an extra pair of hands to help with the kids.  I started to call her "The Dishwasher" because that is pretty much what she did all week.   She and I had a few Code Red's while we were on duty with Kai.   Kai decided that it would be relaxing for him to take a dump in his nightly bath.   My mom and I were like Lucy and Ethel bumping heads and running in to each other trying to find paper towels.   In the meantine, Kai got out of the tub and continued to poop throughout the cabin.  What is it with 2 year olds and pooping in the tub?

We spent some relaxing time just hanging around the cabin.

Dan's parents came over on the 4th of July and Bei used Grandpa Builder Bob as a jungle gym.

Our cabin neighbors invited us over to play in their bouncing house!  Sweet!

We spent alot of time at the beach.   Kai's progress in the water was amazing!  When we got back home this weekend Dan immediately went to Menards and bought a pool that the kids can swim in.   We both saw the improvement in Kai and want to use it as therapy for him.   Bei is also becoming quite the swimmer.  He can swim underwater pretty well, and is trying to master holding his head above water and swimming.  He is doing pretty well considering the only lesson's he has received are from us.

Kai and Dan spent time playing peek a boo and bonding!  They are two of a kind...both hard workers...they are going to be best of buds as Kai grows up.

Lots of lake time!

Do you notice a difference in my blog?   YES!  A new camera that takes much better pictures!

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