Fw: Whose Blog Are You Reading?

Most people who know me know that I love to read.  I love to know what other people are currently reading or what they have read in the past.   I love talking about books!   Well, it is kind of that way with blogs now.  I notice when I talk with people in the adoption community I love to know whose blog they are reading.   So, I have been thinking that I would share with you some of the blogs that I enjoy reading and what I enjoy about them.    
I was really surprised when I came across this family's blog because they adopted a child that I thought about asking for her file before we accepted Kai's file and they are from Minnesota.   So it was fun for me to see where she landed and how she is doing.   The blog has absolutely beautiful pictures because her mom is a photographer.  The pictures alone keep bringing me back to the blog.   I really think Diana, the mom, is extremely eloquent and really speaks from her heart in a very thoughtful and thought provoking way.   There have been so many times that I wanted to link her blog to mine and just write "yeah...what she said"  And then tell people to insert Bei and Kai's name where appropriate.   But I figure people would not only think that was very lazy on my part but insincere.  Oh well...read her blog anyway and insert Bei and Kai's name in where she talks about how blessed and rewarded she is etc. etc.   
There are 3 reasons why I enjoy reading these two blogs.  The first reason is that I love how youthful both these mom's look.  They look like they are one of the kids rather than the mom...I think I am envious.   Being the "old mom" is never fun, but looking like the "old mom" is even worse!   ISo these two young looking lady's are not that much younger than me, but you wouldn't know it.   Secondly, I am awed and amazed at how many kids they have and...how young they look!   Bei aged me at least 5 years and Kai...oh my gosh...I don't even look in the mirror anymore when I put on my make-up.  The funny thing is that Amy from 4 our kiddos just got back with her 6th child and Stephanie I think is going on number 10 or 11.  A friend once told me that you are only as happy as your most miserable kid!  Yikes, with 10 kids what does that mean?   I have two kids and I feel like I am chewed up and spit out at the end of the day.  I have had a 1 year old give me an arse whooping for the past 12 months, so I think these women are amazing!   The 3rd reason is that their blogs are usually happy and upbeat and both take beautiful pictures.
Both of these are non-adoption blogs that I enjoy.   If the Clover Lane woman wrote books I would buy every single one of them.   She has this practical sense about her that you just can't find anymore. At times I feel that she is speaking to me directly and so much of what she writes about parenting resonants with me.   One of my favorite lines that she said is that when  people think you are crying about the apples, they don't know it is really the oranges that have gotten to you.   I just love that saying because I have always felt that when I have cried I am really crying about things that have been bottled up for a long time and now I finally have a reason to cry and so I am going to let it all out.  Silly...I know!      Anyway, I enjoy her blog very much.
You all may have heard of the Pioneer Woman because she has been on the Food Network and has several cookbooks.   Most of you know that I love to cook and most recently I decided I would follow Ree's recipe's just to change things up a little bit.    I made the Shrimp Quesdilla's, which were to die for!  And then made the meatballs with pineapple and green peppers.  The meatballs were delicious but the sauce wasn't as good.   So I would make the meatballs again and use them in another dish.  
To be continued... 

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