Here is a quick funny story about Dan.   Last Saturday I went to visit my dad who lives several hours away and Dan graciously stepped in to take care of the kids.  Throughout the day I would call and check in on Dan and the kids and they were doing great!  He had taken them bowling and invited his sister along with her two daughters and also included a friend of his, Cliff.   Okay, so the man is not stupid...he has to take care of the kids and surrounds himself with an army of caretakers.  As I am driving back to our house, I call Dan when I am about 10 minutes away and mention that I need to pick up Kai's medication.  Are things okay on the homefront?  Can I go run this errand now that I am back in the vicinity and the answer is "absolutely, everything is going great"   Mind you, Dan is now home alone with the kids.    So I run the errand, make a quick phone call to my mom and as I walk through the door of our house, Dan shouts "CODE RED! CODE RED!  GET OFF THE PHONE!  CODE RED!"  What?  What the heck is going on?   Dan shouts "KAI POOPED! AND IT IS ALL OVER EVERYTHING!"  Dan runs Kai over to me and throws him in my arms.  Ummmmm....he has not wiped this kid down...I now am a part of "everything" that has poop on it.    I wipe Kai down, take him upstairs and give him a bath.   When I come down Dan explains to me how the CODE RED transpired.   Dan had just gotten done feeding Kai.  Took him out of his high chair and thought he had food in his diaper...which by the way he does often.  He took his clothes off of him and when he took the diaper off it was full of POOP!   Dan was not prepared with any wet wipes or anything to wipe him down.  So he took paper towels and wiped him down...unsuccessfully I might add.   He said he turned away for a minute from Kai to turn back to see poop foot prints all over the kitchen floor.  Dan found Kai still walking around with a big chunk of poop stuck to the bottom of his foot!   CODE RED!  CODE RED!   Dan later said to me "Liz, you were like an Angel walking through that door." 

In the future I will have to implement the CODE RED and see who my angel is.   But I have to admit, it is nice to be needed, even if it is to wipe butts! 

The picture above is An exhausted Daddy and Kai after a CODE RED!

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