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I am ready to finish sharing with you the blogs that I go to most often.   I check a whole bunch but these are the ones that keep me coming back.
The above blog is probably the most honestly written blog that I have read.   Nicole writes about the good, the bad and the ugly.   When you are willing to write about the bad and the ugly you have to be open to people making comments and judgements.    They just adopted Ava in 2010 and they are going back for another child this year.  Nicole also writes about controversial things like "Adoption Revolution" which I am not sure I fully understand, except that these people are committed to adopting a ton of kids.   The blog is interesting and I don't agree with everything Nicole writes but I appreciate her willingness to be so honest on her blog.   You don't find that very often. 
I came across Cheri's blog on a China Forum called Rumour Queen.   She was quite upfront that she and her husband went to China in 2008 (?) to adopt, but terminated (called Disruption in the adoption community) the adoption while in China.   She was the first person that I had ever heard openly admit to disruption.   I was amazed at how courageously she answered people's questions and how open she was about it.   Disruption is a bad word in the adoption community.   They requested another child in 2009 and thought that the Chinese Government would turn them down, but instead they said yes.   So they went and got Ivy.   Okay, I am not one of those types that falls in love with children through a picture, but I have to say the minute that I saw Ivy's picture I wanted to make sure that she had a loving momma and family.   So I watched Cheri's blog as she went and got Ivy and knew that they were going to be a great family for her.   Cheri homeschools her kids, and appears to have a great relationship with her husband.   I enjoy her blog and hope you do too. 
Beth and Pamela both adopted in 2008 with us.  You may remember Lily from my blog because she was the one that we were so concerned about her health.   Pam and John went back again in 2010 and adopted another little girl from the same orphanage as Lily.   Her name is Anna and she was being passed over because of her serious medical condition.  I don't remember the name of it, but it is when your bladder is on the outside of your body.   Anna had already lived 4 years like that and desparately needed surgery along with a loving family.   I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Pam and John saved that little girls life.   One infection that would have gone systemic could have killed that little girl.   Anna underwent 15 hours of surgery.    Believe me when I tell you that Pam is a mountain mover.  She got Anna within 4 months of receiving her referral.   It is unheard of and only Pam could pull it off! 
Beth also adopted in 2008 and the little girls name is Chloe.  She is from the same orphanage as Bei and is about 9 months younger than him.   Beth and Matt also went in 2010 and got a beautiful little girl from Korea who is the same age as Kai.    I consider Beth my "adoption BFF".   When I was looking for our second little one, it wasn't Dan I was calling to read the medicals and check out the child, it was Beth!   The odd thing was that she was always one step ahead of me.  I would say there is a little boy on X's website and his name is Adam.   Then Beth would ramble off all his statistics, DOB, orphanage, when he was abandon, special need etc.   I would say to Beth, are you guys adopting too?  Nope, they definitely weren't Matt said no...ha!    A year later, they now have their beautiful Minah.   Adoption has a way of creeping up on you if you don't watch out!  Anyway, thanks Beth for being my "Adoption BFF".   I was glad I had someone to share the fun and excitement with.   Now Beth is my "go to" when I need to hear another adults voice during my child-centered days.   I just give her a call and what do we talk about, but the kids.
Lastly, I wanted to give you one of my favorite advocacy blogs.  Erin's blog is known by many and she does a great job advocating for children that are being passed over.   She advocated for Pam's Anna and for our Kai.    We had to ask her to stop advocating for him because we had already put in for Kai but China was punishing us for not signing our papers that we would take Kai.   We thought we had more time then we did to review his medicals and we were waiting for information from the orphanage before we committed to him.   In turn, China said that they would release Kai back onto the open list and if he was still their in 15 days we could then lock his file.   I left it to God and obviously Kai was meant to be ours.   I digressed, but I appreciate all the hard work that Erin puts into her blog to advocate for these kids.   She also has the most adorable family that she shares pictures on her blog.    

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