Bei Bei in a bottle...

The artists Bei and Lily
Catching indoor butterflies!

Recently Bei has Doe Doe on his brain. Out of the blue on Monday, Bei asked if he could see Bei Bei and Doe Doe on the TV, meaning he wants to see the video of the two of them while they were in China. We watched the video for two days. He loves watching himself and laughs alot. Then my friend Kim and her daughter Lily, who was adopted from China came today for a play date. I didn't tell him ahead of time that they were coming, so when he looked out the window and saw that they were here he asked " Is Doe Doe here?" For some reason, he is thinking about her alot.
Bei and Lily had a really fun play date together. Lily is very reserved and quiet. Bei is somewhat of a chameleon. When Huckleberry and Max are over and are being loud and testing their voices, Bei follows suit. With Lily he was quiet and very relaxed.
I know that this will sound stupid to some people, but I wish I could just capture Bei's joy and happiness into a bottle. I wouldn't even sell it, I would give it to anyone feeling lonely, sad, depressed or hopeless. That little boy is amazingly joyful and content and could touch the darkest hearts and bring sunshine into it. He has the most wonderful sense of humor, he loves to laugh and be silly. He loves to be touched and cuddled. He shows compassion and empathy. He knows how to love others and receive love. I never imagined in my wildest dreams, that we would ever get a child like him. I am so over the top in love with him. But it is because he is so easy to love. I don't take credit for any of it, because I really believe people are born with their personalities. Now it is my job to nurture him to become who he was meant to be, but the mold has been cast and it is a good one.
Okay...you all know what this means...I bragged about him, so I better get ready for a day of hell tomorrow...it is my curse!

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