"A little bit"

A little bit, Uncle Randy and Bei
Bei spent Saturday morning at the Nickelodeon Park at MOA with his Dad and Uncle Randy. A Little Bit and I went shopping for a confirmation dress for her.

What a devilish little smile...

Bei getting the tickle bones treatment

Bei had a wonderful visit with his cousin "A little bit" or we pronounce her name "Elizabeth". We picked "A little bit" up from the airport on Friday, along with her dad Randy. Bei latched on to "A little bit" for the rest of the weekend! Hurray! I got a home-vacation again! On Saturday afternoon, they took Bei over to the park for about two hours. He didn't want to come home. It gave Dan and I a chance to cook and clean. Unfortunately, "cook and clean" isn't code for anything else, we truly cooked and cleaned...

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