Two pea's in a pod and Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
Sunday night Bei and Gina fell asleep together. Notice that they are holding hands.

Bei's cousins took him to the park multiple times over the weekend.

Bei is a snake charmer...the kids had absolutely no fear of the snakes.

The Easter Egg hunt was short-lived because something much more interesting was on our patio...a snakes nest.

Easter Egg Hunt Sunday Morning with the neighbor kids

The two pea's in a pod

On Tuesday, little Elizabeth and her mom Teri, came to stay with us for a few days. She always tells her mom that "she has to go visit her cousin Bei". For people who don't know, Teri and I are childhood friends. We didn't do much of anything, but hang out and let the kids play together. Bei and Elizabeth were two pea's in a pod. They got along beautifully! At one point, they were playing in our bedroom and I walked backed there to see what they were doing. Elizabeth met me at the door and I saw Bei was sitting on the other side of the bed, I could only see his head. I said "What are you guys doing?" Elizabeth innocently answered,"Bei's peeing" Uh oh...what the heck??? She must of noticed my eyebrows raise because she said with a smile "pretend peeing"....Oh geez, I just hope he has his pants on and isn't showing his manhood to her. I just let them be at that point. That was not exactly the game that I envisioned that they were playing...Hey kid, where are your lego's, coloring books, puzzles???

Nick, Cathy and the kids came on Friday for Easter. Bei was ecstatic to have his cousins here again. We had a really nice visit with them.

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