Find out why Green is no longer my favorite color...

Bei got a hold of my lipstick and went to town. He thought he was pretty funny, specially since we read a book that tells little kids that playing with their mom's lipstick is a "no no". I kept repeating the words of the book and he would just giggle.
(This same lipstick made my lips look like I had ate a big bag of cheetos and didn't bother to wipe my mouth. Orange is not my color! He can keep it!)

Bei is toilet training and he said "Bei do it hisself. Mama stay out". And he closed the door on me. He got the stool himself, the potty chair and undressed himself. I think he was pretty proud of himself!

Huckleberry and Company have a nanny from Mexico whose name is Alejandra. We spend alot of time together with the kids and she is just wonderful! She is really excellent with the kids and has a huge responsibility in taking care of them. She does it with poise and grace. In the picture we are celebrating her 19th birthday.

Hulk Hands

The boys coloring easter eggs. Curly Locks was also coloring eggs, but I didn't get her in any of the pictures.

We are a little early but we colored Easter Eggs this week. Oh my...what utter chaos! My first bad idea was to use clear "plastic" glasses so that the kids could watch the eggs turn color. Okay, anyone with a brain knows that isn't going to work with 4 kids under the age of 6. So within seconds colored water was all over the table. As you see in the picture, I moved to what our moms used...tried and tested coffee cups. Second mistake was to not tell the kids that the colored vinegar in front of them was not Kool-aid. Yep, Bei drank the green dye...he lived. Then Bei thought that the colored water was Palmolive dishwash soap to soothe the hands, so he pretty much soaked his hands in the water. You probably wonder why I didn't tell Bei to take his hands out of the water, but believe me, he was the least of my concerns at that point. With 4 kids grabbing colored water and fighting over the one dipping stick that they give you in the box for the eggs, I don't think I even noticed what Bei was doing...hence him drinking and bathing in the green dye. Lastly, when I was cleaning up the egg color, the coffee cup slipped from my hands right into the kitchen sink and splashed directly up into my face and onto my HEAD! Yes! And guess what color it was again...GREEN! I looked like I was ready for St. Patty's day! I was worried since (this may shock some of you) I am not a natural blonde and I was worried about the coloring in my hair. With several good washings it came out! When Easter really rolls around, we will be going to the dollar store for some of those cheap pre-colored plastic Easter eggs.

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