We have a Tattler

We spent the day at Como Zoo last week with Bei's Preschool Class


You would think that the one that can talk and communicate would be the tattle tale, but not with my boys.  I will hear the boys fuss in the other room and then sure enough here comes Kai Kai Sweetie Pie toddling into the kitchen, his eyes will be all watery and red and his lower lip is way out and his chin is up in the air.   I can't help but to burst out laughing.   It is so cute! 

Please keep Kai Kai Sweetie Pie in your prayers this Friday.   He is having outpatient surgery to get his teeth fixed.   Poor little guy doesn't have any enamel on his front teeth and the two on either side are what I deem snaggle teeth. 

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Maddys Mom said...

Hope Kai is recovering well. My prayers are with you. Thanks for your prayers for Zeke!

Have a great weekend.