Bei's Gotcha Day - May 5

Tomorrow is the day that we got Bei, May 5, 2008. When I look back at the past 3 years I chuckle because I realize it took me some time to actually start parenting him. I was just so in love and in total awe of that little boy from day one. I was amazed that God chose me to be his mother because it was a perfect fit! Around 4 months after Bei came home, I finally asked my sister Jeannine a question that had been nagging me since we got Bei. I asked her if Bei was special? She asked me to clarify the question. I said,” I just can’t fathom the depths of my love for Bei; I must be feeling this way because he is extraordinary.” She assured me that Bei was special to me, to our extended family, but that mothers have loved their children this way since the beginning of time. Honestly, feeling that type of love and realizing the limitless boundaries of a mothers love has changed the way that I look at every other woman in my life. One of the best parts of being a mother to both my boys is that they have opened up a whole new world of love that I had never experienced before we had them.

To describe Bei is try to describe what Sunshine looks like;  joyful, joyful and more joyful. He is one of the happiest people that I have ever met in my life. One of his best attributes is that he has a great sense of humor. He gets humor and he LOVES to laugh. He can also be mischievous at time, he is a little boy. I know I am a biased mom, but that kid is very special in my eyes. This past year, I have seen his confidence grow exponentially. God has been so good to us in finding him exactly the right preschool with the right teacher. He only has 7 to 10 kids in his class depending on the day. He has gotten the attention that he needed to help him with his separation anxiety and received a lot of love and care from his teacher, Miss Rachel. He is signed up for Kindergarten for next year and I think it will be an exciting time because he is a curious kid and enthusiastic about everything!

I will end on one funny story about Bei. We recently moved and our new neighbor showed up at the door with her three kids to welcome us to the neighborhood. The kids were playing and the adults were talking when Bei came up to me and said “Can I ask her something?” At the moment, my neighbor, Kristin was talking to my sister and I said sure as soon as they are done. While we were waiting for them to finish their conversation, I leaned over quietly and said “what are you going to ask her?” He said, “I want them to stay because I am having fun, so I don’t want them to leave.” I am thinking that is nice, it is connection and will make Kristin and her kids feel welcome. I am standing with Bei in front of me with my hands on his shoulders. With that, there is a pause in the conversation with my sister and I said “Kristin, Bei would like to ask you something.” Bei says “when are you guys leaving? We need to go bowling.” WHAT? NO! NO! We aren’t going Bowling!!! Ugh!!! Damage control! We haven’t seen our new neighbors since….great job Bei!

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