Thick Skin

Nobody told me that having “thick skin” is a pre-requisite to become a mother. Let me tell you of a few instances where having thick skin has come in handy.

The last time we went to our cabin, we decided to run into town and go to the Pizza Den. We were meeting Dan’s brother’s family and some other friends. I seldom go out because Kai is a lot of work and he passes out easily and it is just easier to stay home. But that night I was excited to be going and put on some nice clothes, did my hair and make-up and was soon ready to go. We were at the Pizza Den a short time when the guy who plows our cabin driveway and mows our lawn for the past 2.5 years walked by and I said hello to him. He looked at me and kept walking without saying hello. No big deal, maybe he didn’t hear me. Dan who was sitting at the bar talking to his brother called me over and asked me to go pay Joel for the last time he plowed us out. I approached his table and Joel finally recognized me and said “oh Liz, I didn’t realize it was you when you first said hello. Wow, you have lost a lot of weight!” (Nope! It is amazing what baggy sweatshirts and sweat pants can do to your figure.) He went on to say “Did you change your hair? Oh…I see you got yourself some contacts. You look really good!” Basically, the only thing that he didn’t ask me is if I got a breast augmentation! Now this is from a guy from Northern Wisconsin who gets his Sunday best from Farm and Fleet! I realized immediately that I’ve had 2.5 years of a bad case of the “frumps” and I didn’t even realize it! Poor Dan! It was a wake-up call and I am really trying to pull myself together these days.

Which leads me to my next case of thick skin; so now that I am putting effort back into it, I’ll feel like I look good and then WHAM somebody posts a picture on facebook. And I wonder who is that tired old lady at that party carrying Kai, I don’t remember meeting her and then I realize it is ME!! UNTAG IMMEDIATELY in the facebook world! I just want to say I don’t wear tired well, so no posting pictures on facebook of me unless you put my face through that de-wrinkle photoshop thingy ma jig!

Last summer I was in survival mode with Kai, therefore, no pedicures or TLC for me at all.  We were up at the lake and my nephew said to me “Wow Aunt Liz what happened to your toe” Now I look down at all 10 of my toes and wonder which toe he is referring to because nothing has happened recently to my toes? I realize in an instant to a young kid they are disgusting looking, they are dry and chapped but I still can’t identify the toe that he is referring to. I am too embarrassed to say, “well kid it is 40 plus years of living.” Instead, I lie and say I stubbed it and the kid said “Wow, that must of hurt a lot, it looks really nasty."

I still wonder to this day which toe he was referring to…

Most recently for Mother’s day, Bei’s preschool did a nice Mother’s day card.  Inside the card had questions about me that Bei had to fill out with his teacher.

What is your mom’s favorite color?   Pink...It is!

What is your mom’s favorite food?   Eggs ...NOT!

How old is your mom?                     99 years old...Ah…thanks Bei!

I mean this all in fun and I am hoping that once Kai starts sleeping through the night and I can get some uninterrupted sleep so that the bags under my eyes will disappear and I won’t be so doggone tired looking.   BUT, Kai is worth every sleepless night, I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.   I really wish the stinker would figure out how to sleep through the night...for my vanity alone!

I wish I had a decent camera because the gardens at our new house are incredibly beautiful.
These pictures don't do them justice.

BTW, Kai is recovering very well from his surgeries. It is amazing to see him with a set of such beautiful teeth. It changes his entire look. We call him the "movie star" now. I will try to get some pictures of him smiling with his new teeth.

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