A picture with our new camera!

When Dan got home today, he didn't say anything but I could tell that he wondered "what the heck did I do all day today?" Would it have been acceptable to say? "I swirled..." The dog chasing the tail type of swirling...I really need to close the deal. I keep thinking of "one" more thing to go into our suitcases, so then I have to go shopping and the bags just weren't getting closed for good. So tonight while Dan and Bei were in bed, I think I have finally finished packing. Anything that didn't get into the suitcases, we will buy!

This week I am going to make a special point to spend lots of time with Bei. The dynamics of our relationship are going to change forever and I want this week to be a special and positive week for the both of us.

Please keep us in your prayers in the next couple weeks. Here are a few things that you can prayer for our family:

Safety for our trip.
Everything is on-time
Peace for our decision to take Bei to China...I'm still uneasy about this decision.
Kai's foster family
Kai and an easy transition to us.
Easy transition for Bei...what the heck...include me and Dan into that too!
That we all stay healthy during this trip.

Thank you for all of your support!

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Our Family said...

Hi guys, I've been thinking about you as you prepare for your trip. I am so excited for you!! It sounds like you're all packed and ready to go. I wish we could have all traveled together again. I hope you'll be blogging so we can follow along. Hugs from Seattle, Pam, John, Anna and Lily