Daddy's Boy!

Many of our prayers have been answered with Kai.   The first one is that he is truly the happy baby that he appeared in all the updates that we received from the orphanage.   God obviously knows my limitations because he gave us the easiest baby.  He is really as beautiful in person as he is in the pictures.   We found out why his cheeks are always so rosy, he is allergic to everything and his face looks like he might have eczema.  But he is sweet, sweet, sweet!   The other answer to prayers is that Kai loves his daddy!   Well to be honest he loves anybody, but it makes like so much easier that he will let both of us parent him.  
The day that we got Kai he was definitely grieving his mother.   They took him that morning from his foster parents and drove the 5 hours to Fuzhou.   They said he didn't cry, but all day he was saying "Mama" and then with us he would cry a little when he said Mama.   The second day he didn't say Mama anymore but there were a few times that he cried really hard...it is heartbreaking, but good at the same time that he is grieving.    He is a good sleeper at night,but he goes to bed at 11:00 p.m. just like they said he does.   Speaking of sleep...there isn't much of it happening around here except for the baby.  Bei's internal clock is off and we are having a hard time getting him adjusted to China time.   So we are up at all crazy hours with him.   One last thing I wanted to mention about Kai is that he is on the "Big Mama's Work Out Program."   Kai's fine and gross motor skills are significantly  delayed, so I've already put him on an excercise program to strengthen his muscles.   Everything from his neck muscles to his stomach muscles.  Let me describe his cute little body, think pillsbury doughboy.   You kind of just melt into him because he is so soft, his skin his soft, but then there is no muscle tone and lots of fat!   He has rolls of fat on his legs and a big cushiony butt.   Total opposite of Bei!   I'm wondering if Kai is one of the 56 Chinese minority because I haven't seen a mongolian spot on his little hinder.   Well we are all falling very much in love with him.
Bei is doing great with the exception of the sleep issues.  The day we got Kai, Bei was a champ.  Yesterday he displayed a little jealousy but Dan and I team up and work it out so I get to spend alot of time with Bei.   As everyone knows Bei is very much a mama's boy.   Dan and I are doing fine but we all need sleep...please prayer!
One last comment is regarding Fuzhou, the city where we are located is very beautiful.   Fuzhou is surrounded by mountains and our hotel is on a lake.   There appears to be money here in Fuzhou and we saw beautiful huge homes.   Something we did not see the first time around in China.   Our hotel screwed up our reservations and they upgraded us to a two bedroom, three bath suite...sweet is right!   The people here are so incredibly nice and accomodating.   They made some men move in the restaurant that were going to smoke, we had not asked them to.   The chef at the restaurant came out and introduced himself and wanted to make sure the food was prepared to our satisfaction.   It has been a very positive experience with the exception of the sleep issues.  Please keep us in your prayers!  
We will send pictures later today.


kate said...

Liz, Dan, and Bei,
This blog is so great. It sounds like you are ALL doing very well (with the exception of sleep). We are so thrilled for you. You are all so brave, and we are so proud of you. The LORD knew what he was doing when he brought you all together. You will be in our prayers always, but more so at this crucial time. Kai is so adorable! We love you all!!!

Kathy & Jeff

Cheryl F. said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy Kai, he is adorable. We are also adopting from Fuzhou and awaiting the TA. I would love to share our experiences and you can give me some tips and advice. If you happen to talk to the orphanage staff my babies name is Su La she is 18 months old. How old is your baby? I can't wait to continue to follow your journey, this is amazing.
Cheryl F
Jacksboro, TN

Maddys Mom said...

Hang in there! I remember the sleep deprivation too. Love your description of Kai.

Praying that you will get a good nights rest soon.