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Dan and I both agreed that if this was our first adoption and it was just us and Kai, we would consider this a luxurious vacation...but we have Bei...and his jet lag.   Is it really wrong to force feed your 4 year old carafe's of caffeinated coffee?   You want a coke Bei with caffeine?...here have a six pack.   Okay, we didn't do it, but we contemplated  how we were going to get that kid to stay awake during the day, but finally today he overcame his jetlag and only took a 2 hour nap and went to bed at 8:00 p.m.
I was telling Dan tonight that I totally understand the concept of the Amazing Race.  I was telling him, "I think the show isn't as much about overcoming obstacles, but it is about how you can work with your significant other after you have been taken out of your element, you are totally exhausted and you are forced to be with one another 24/7, so you need to work together as a team.   And then Dan interrupted and said "yes, by the end of this trip we will have spent 384 hours together"...Huh?  What?   You are counting the hours???    It is a dirty rotten trick to throw families into this "total togetherness."   Luckily both Dan and I have a good sense of humor and are laughing at our idiosyncrocies.
Okay, onto Kai...he is so incredibly lovable!!!   We feel incredibly fortunate and that once again God has been so very good to us!   He is already getting spoiled by us holding him.   When we first got him, he would be content to lay on the floor...not so much anymore.  He wants to be held all the time.   I don't think he was held much by his foster family.   We are over the moon crazy for him.   And Bei is adjusting to him so much better than I imagined he would.   He is really accepting of Kai.  
Our guide Helen has been wonderful, we walked in the park yesterday together and she asked me if I am going to hire someone to help me with our the kids.   I told her no, that we would be fine.   She told me she thought I was really tough.   Ha!  She should have seen how tough I was the night before when Kai started screaming and arching his back.   I was ready to dial "911 Rescue" and shout into the phone "I'm in China and my child is crying and I'm an incompetent boob...help! help!"   Ya, I was really tough at that moment.   It lasted all of 60 seconds and I was ready to jump out of my skin.   God must know my limitations because he has given me the best baby of all times.   He is so peaceful and happy all the time with the exception of the 60 seconds that it took us to figure out he was hungry. 
One last thing is that Dan thinks Kai is starting to look to me as Mama.   He was holding him last night and when Kai heard my voice he started searching the room and squirming to get out of Dan's arms.   And he started to softly say "Mama, Mama".   We are very blessed!

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Becky said...

Where do I begin!!! Kai is gorgeous!! The pictures are great and reading your story is fantastic, you do such a good job writing it that I feel like you are here talking to us : ) Sounds like the trip is going very well and Bei and the baby are all adjusting nicely to the big changes. Enjoy this wonderful first week together. Big hugs to you! Becky, John & Nicholas.
p.s. Nicholas said the other day, "Bei is in China getting a baby!")