My W#E W#E Hurts!

Cousin Elizabeth snuggling with our little man
Sometimes to pass the time Bei and I do what we call project work...

Bei woke up the other morning and immediately said to me "my wee wee hurts". Crud...I'm thinking to myself, I don't know anything about what to do about a little boys wee wee hurting... I didn't even know that a boys wee wee could hurt. So, Bei said again "mom, my wee wee hurts REALLY bad!" Uh oh..."Okay honey, let me take a look at it". So then Bei bent over and pulled off his sock and pointed to his baby toe...sure enough the little piggy that goes "wee wee wee" all the way home had a cut on it! Were you as fooled as I was? I definitely did not think he was talking about that wee wee! But what a relief...I could just put a band-aid on it and it is better.

Well our little Nick Nick had an excellent report this past week! The tumor is gone! Yeah! Please know that his battle is not won yet and please keep this sweet little guy on your prayer list.

I also wanted to direct you to Pamela and John Block's blog for those of you interested. If you remember, they are the parents to Lily, who was adopted with Bei. She is the little girl that had open heart surgery immediately coming home. Well, they recently adopted another little girl who has some severe medical needs and this past week she underwent surgery to repair most of it. Anyway, their story is one of hope for a new life for this little girl that was being passed over by many due to her medical conditions. They could use alot of prayers right now during Anna's healing process. Their blog is http://www.johnpamelablock.blogspot.com/
Lastly, I would ask everyone to keep my dad in your prayers. He is having several health issue's that are really affecting his daily living.

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Chris said...

OMG! This one had me laughing out loud at work! Thanks for the laugh. "Mom...my wee wee hurts" Too funny!