March Update!

I've been on cloud nine since Friday because I finally received an update that I had requested several weeks ago. So here are the questions and the answers received from the orphanage. Additionally they sent 12 pictures!
1. Can we get a copy of his birth note? And his entire file?
Zheng Kang is 12 months old now. when you come to get him, we will give his birth note to you. we also have clothes of him when he was found. We will bring them to you as well, so Zheng Kang can keep them.
2. How would you describe his personality?
Zheng Kang is a brave happy boy. He seldom cry, even when he is getting vaccinations. He has a ready smile. It’s easy to make him laugh. When he cries, just give him some little things to play or something to eat.
3. Does he sleep in a crib or a bed?
He sleeps in his own crib. (Hooray, I'm excited about the crib!)
4. What is his routine before he goes to sleep? He goes to bed at 11:00pm after taking a bottle. Rock him for a little while, he will fall in sleep. (Oh Lord...11 p.m.? Really??...you have to be pulling my leg?!?!)
5. How many naps does he take? And at what time of the day?
He takes 2-3 naps a day. 10:00am, 1:30pm and 5:00pm. (ah ha!...now we now why he doesn't go to sleep til 11:00 p.m....fixable !).
6. Is he on a bottle and when is he given the bottle?
Yes, at night before bed time. (I'm happy to know that he is on a bottle yet...good bonding time!).
7. Is he eating solid food and what type of food?
He is eating rice, noodle, and stuffed steamed buns. (Mmmmm...I wonder what they are stuffed with???)
8. Is he currently teething?
He has 5 teeth now. Upper 3 and lower 2. looks like he is teething. He drools sometimes.
9. What do you do to comfort him when he cries? Does he have a special toy or blanket?
When he cries, just give him some little things to play or something to eat. (Food is universally comforting!)
10. Will the foster parents be there during the transition during the adoption?
No, the foster family won’t be there. It’s too hard for them to let him go and they will cry.
11. Can you tell us anything about the foster family and the area that he is from?
Zheng Kang’s foster family is in the city. Foster mom often takes him to the park to bask and listen to music. Everyone loves him.
12. Who is Kang Kang’s closest caretaker?
Kang Kang’s nanny’s name is Xiu Hua. She is a capable woman. She has taken many children of our institute who have been adopted now.
13. Would you like us to send you updates and pictures of Kang Kang as he grows?
Yes. Our email address is: (I'm not publishing the email address, but I am excited to have this direct connection to the orphanage/foster family. With google translater it is really slick now to write a letter and to easily translate it into another language.)
14. Is there anything you think we should know about Kang Kang to help him transition?
His current measurements are:
Height: 75cm; Weight: 10kg; Head: 46cm; Chest: 47cm; Teeth: 5; Foot: 12.5cm. (they may not be exact because he moves around. Hard to get him stay still. Hope you can understand. )

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