Holy Crap...we are going to China!!!

I received an email this morning from our adoption agency telling us that our Travel Approval will be arriving in their office on Monday morning! Yikes...double yikes! AND,here is the biggee news...we may be traveling as soon as April 22nd!!!...really??? what?? oh my gosh...I can't believe it!

I feel like one of those women that you hear about in the news who didn't know that they were pregnant and they get to the hospital with what they think is heartburn and are told, "you are pregnant AND you are going to have that baby within the next 22 days...I mean hours. All that paperwork that I was doing really does mean something...there really is this beautiful little guy on the otherside of the world waiting for us! And we are going to get him this month!

My fear is that I am going to get to China and I'm not going to know what to do with a baby... I've thought about that feeling you get when you know that you haven't quite studied for a test, but you think you know enough to pass and then you get to the first question and you have to skip it because you don't know it and you go to the second question and you start getting that sinking feeling in your stomach because you have to skip it again and by question five you know you have totally blown it. I sure hope that doesn't happen to me when I'm in China...

Question 1. what do I feed a baby? (skip)

Question 2. do I bring jars of baby food? (skip)

Question 3. what if he is teething? (skip)

Question 4. what if he crys incessantly (skip)

So if you know the answers to the above questions, email me, call, write a letter, send a singing telegram...anything really!

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Maddys Mom said...

First of all, congrats!

We got Maddy at 8 months so I think we can help. We fed Maddy formula (4-6 bottles at day if I recall). She just had 2 teeth so we did soft noodles, eggs, mushed up veggies, congee, soup, mashed potatoes etc. while we were there (we did not lug the jars of food & we used the Chinese formula she was getting while we were there).

We purchased a few extra bags of the formula & waited to switch until after we got home. One of the babies in our group was severly underfed & the family figured out that she was allergic to the formula that she was allegedly getting. Another mom had brought some soy based formula which helped. I don't think your little guy is underfed: )

For teeth, we used the medicated swabs to help, I have also heard that cold, damp washcloths help.

When we got home, we tried jarred food, but Maddy didn't like it much after a couple of weeks (I started making my own & freezing it).

A few other tips: the Robeez type shoes are the best for little ones as they will not kick them off. You can get the knock-offs at Target for about $12. We used a Baby Bjorn (which you are welcome to borrow) & it worked well. Bring lots of bibs because they drool a lot while teething.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, etc. I am so excited for you!!