So Stinkin Cute!!!

It probably isn't proper social etiquette to brag about how cute your kid is but since I had absolutely nothing to do with it, I think I can get away with it. Isn't he just too cute for words? I'll have to post his referral pictures one of these times because when I sent his file to Dan's work to review, he called me and said, "well we obviously aren't basing our decision on looks". He looked like a 20 year old convict in one of his referral pictures and then the other ones weren't so great either. Then we started getting updates and this little beauty popped up! It doesn't matter, we would take him regardless of his looks.
Please pray for our little guy Kang Kang because he has been having some health problems. He had pneumonia, bronchitis and a very high fever and had a febrile seizure. He is doing well at the moment, but we would really like to get him home very soon, so that he can be in our care. Please pray that it is God's will and the Chinese Governments will that we can expedite his papers. We need that little guy home in our arms.


Beth said...

Oh my goodness! He is so stinking cute!!! I am sending prayers that you will have him in your arms really quick. Just look at those cheeks!
Beth :)

Andy said...

Liz cuz! Your mom just gave me the website for this. Bei is so cute, and Kang (?) is as well. Good luck and keep us posted on progress. (We watched the sledding video and are going out to get Maya a "real" sled tomorrow because of it (she has a boring one now).