Preschool Blues

Bei playing trains with Grandma Dene...the train kept hitting chickens on the tracks and the feathers were flying everywhere...do you see them?
Bei loves to ice skate! I told him he skates good...like a wet noodle!

For those of you who were worried that I might try to homeschool Bei, you can all take a collective sigh of relief....I'm cutting the proverbial apron strings...I've signed him up for Preschool for the fall. It probably won't be without a lot of tears, but Dan say's it will be good for me...I mean Bei. I was really sad for about a day thinking about him going off to school, 2 days a week, for 2 hours, but then I realized that he is really ready to be challenged. The last few months have definitely been developmental growth months for him. He is really into creative and imaginary play, learning what sounds each of the letters make, writing letters of the alphabet and actually trying to read. I tell him that when he is 4 years old, he is going to be a big boy and will go to school. He says, "I want you to go with me." I told him that I can't and he said "call and ask the teacher." I told him I already did and she said "no, I couldn't go because I'm too big." "Mom, call right now and ask her again." So I pretend to call and talk to her and tell Bei that she said no again. He said "mom you forgot to push the buttons." He was right, I didn't push the telephone buttons! Rascal...he was in the backseat, so I didn't think he could see... Anyway, you can see I will have an uphill battle with him going to school and separating from me...and me from him.

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy being with Bei everyday. On Saturday morning, he and I woke up at the same time. I saw he was waking up and I just was kind of snoozing and all of a sudden I felt these tiny little gentle hands cradle my face and when I opened my eyes, I saw his smiling little face looking down at me and he said "Isn't it a beautiful morning mom?" YES! With you as my ray of sunshine! I know it sounds corny, and I didn't say that but what a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Bei is just giddy when the three of us are together. It is hard to wipe the smile off his face and stop his giggling. So weekends are usually alot of fun for all of us. Tonight Dan and Bei were downstairs and all of sudden I heard Bei run upstairs and he said "Mom, Mom" Yes, Bei? "I have a question" Yes? "Do you want a big hug and a kiss right now"? I sure do Bei! He came over and hugged and kissed me and then ran back downstairs laughing. I am just crazy in love with that little guy and so is Dan! We were talking tonight how blessed we are and how much our lives have changed for the better since adopting Bei. Lucky us! God has been soooooooooooooooooooooo good to us!

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