Bei is a lover...

I was trying to show his cute new hair do in this picture. It looks cute in person.

LuLu was kind enough to indulge Bei on a merry-go-round. He wouldn't put both hands on the horse and instead kept his arm around LuLu's neck, so that she was in a headlock the entire time. She is one great kid too!

Bei likes his marshmellows just like his dad...burned to a crisp...mmm.mmm good!

I caught LuLu and Bei Bei taking a little snuggle time together.

Bei definitely is a lover, but what is really wonderful is that he loved by all his cousins on both sides of the family. There is a mutual worship and adoration between him and all the cousins.
I am still amazed at the fact that I got the most wonderful little boy in the whole world. He just knocks my socks off every day! I am one LUCKY mom!!!

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