Children are a Common Denominator

Today, while Bei and I were out and about, we were approached by three different groups of people. A Japanese lady with her granddaughter, a Somali woman with her 3 year old son and a Vietnamese couple with their two grandsons. It is not that unusual for us to get approached by people who are curious about Bei. What is fascinating to me is that all the asian's that I meet regardless of their nationality, Vietnamese, Hmong, or Japanese, they all say the same thing to me. "Your boy has a very high forehead, sign of intelligence." It is almost without fail, that they say it. Now, I have a high forehead too, but most people just shake their head and say "poor girl has an extra long face." Not one comment about my super intelligence!

Most of the asian people I meet are unaware of the adoption process, but are intrigued and very supportive . When I told the Vietnamese lady that waxes my eyebrows that we were having a reunion with the other adoptee parents from China, she asked me "if Bei's birth parents were going to be there?" I appreciate her asking questions and learning more about him and the entire process.

The caucasians that inquire about Bei are usually parents or grandparents of internationally adopted children. Most have grown children, that were adopted from Korea.

Most of the blacks that approach me are from Eastern Africa and recent immigrants themselves. Usually, from Somali or Ethiopia. Once again, they are curious and supportive.
However, I recently had an experience with a young African American girl at the city library. They have a great play area. Bei and I had been there for at least a good hour when " Little Miss Attitude" with her posse came in and scoped out the joint. I took a big gulp and thought... it may be time to leave. Honestly, I'm 4 times her age and I could tell she had seen more and she would be able to chew me up and spit me out. Best I mosey on my way... Oh no...not so fast...guess who immediately came struttin over to me??? "He yo kid?" "Yes, he's my son". "Cool, I like him". Each of her posse came up and gave Bei a high five and told me "I like your kid". Wheww...I can breathe again...I passed the library posse initation.

I have just been amazed at peoples support, including the generosity of strangers who have a kind word to say about Bei. There is some talk in the adoption community about experiencing racism and I have to say we have not experienced it. It has been an opposite effect for us; people that would never have a reason to talk to me engage me in conversation. So that is why I say children are a common denominator, everybody loves them...even Little Miss Attitude.

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