I'm Lost...

A picture of Bei and his cousin Blake...minutes before an electrical fire on the boat. Everyone got off safely!
I might be over doing the "atta-boy" confidence building thing with Bei, because recently when I have been carrying him, he will look at me and say "Good job walking mom". Well thanks Bei. I want to say to him, "and You kid, are doing a terrific job breathing". I mean who says good job walking? It strikes me as funny.
Well I have to say that I am totally lost without my Camera. It is even hard to blog since I don't have any pictures to show. I'm so disappointed because Bei and I went to my sisters on Wednesday to help her prepare for her daughters HS graduation party and of course, I don't have any pictures! Ugh! We had a super time! First of all, Bei and I spent 3 hours on the lawn mower together in which he slept for at least an hour on my lap. We had shoved cotton in his ears. He loved the mower! By the way, I only mowed about 25% of the lawn in the 3 hours. My sister was on a tractor mowing the rest. That is way too much lawn for me.
There were alot pictures that I would have loved to have taken of Bei swimming in the pool with his cousins. Going down the slide into the water. Everyone played softball and volleyball, but you are just going to have to take my word for it because there are no pictures. Perhaps, by the next time I blog I will have a camera.

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