The Love Triangle

Girls Rule!!...who needs boys anyway?

Chloe he is MINE!

No, she didn't...now I'm going to have to kick some butt

Now let me makes this perfectly clear to everyone, Bei is MY boyfriend.

I know how I can get his attention...

Sara: Hey! Who is making all that racket down there??

As I looked through the pictures I realized that there was another story that developed later on in the weekend between Sara, Chloe and Bei. I thought I would share these sequential pictures once again. Honestly, I'm joking about Sara's possessiveness. She is really a sweetheart, but she is crazy about her Bei Bei!


I wanted to share with you these pictures of Lily and Choe since I have focused so much on Bei and Sara. These two pictures capture the essence of each of these children.
Lily is very sweet and docile, and she wore a smile on her face almost 100% of the time. Lily is the one that also had open heart surgery and was in really rough shape coming from China. Out of all the children, she has probably come the farthest from a physical, emotional and mental standpoint. She is a blessing to her family, Pam and John just gush over her and you can see why, she is a beautiful little China dolly!
Chloe is a CLOWN and I meant to capitalize that word. She is a character from the word go. The picture above was taken at the Brookfield zoo while we were going through the Dinosaur Exhibit. The dinasaurs are replica's and are 20 feet tall and growl and have moving parts. Without any prompting Chloe would go up to each one and make a scary/funny face at them to scare them away. She is a stitch, I would just look at her and laugh. And that girl can swim like an olympian, she is just amazing! As Beth was chasing Chloe, Jen and I just kept saying "yep, we each got the right kids". Chloe has two brothers and one teenage sister, so they all help to manage her abundance of energy! What a great kid!
They are all such blessings and we feel very fortunate to parent them. Additionally, we have all touched one anothers life and feel lucky to have met such a wonderful extended adoption family.


Beth said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Chloe asked again when she will get her autographed Bei poster. She wants to put it in her room to see everyday. LOL!

Pamela and John Block said...

I have to comment as well. Lily has not stopped talking about weekend and Bei. She tells me that she's going swimming with Bei, and she's going to see lizzards with Bei(must have been the zoo)Chloe and Sara are going to have some competition!

Every night Lily say's "God Bless" to Bei, Chloe and Sara. She has also started saying "God Bless" Fu Rong (her chinese name) every since that weekend. Hummm. We had a great time! Can't wait til next year!